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About Me

My name is Tamara Rasheed and I am the author of two bestselling books on the subject of credit, Better Than Credit Repair: The Handbook of Credit Mastery and the Credit Mastery Handbook: Get Approved, Lower Your Interest Rates & Save Thousands of Dollars, both available on I have been a credit specialist for 16 years.

I have helped countless people to raise their credit scores, lower their interest and become approved for mortgages, auto loans, credit cards and many other credit products.TamaraSocialMedia

Coaching countless individuals on becoming approved as well as starting their own credit consulting businesses has revealed that credit knowledge, until now, has been learned greatly by trial and error.

Before you get a chance to learn what to do with credit, it is badly misused.

In order to create the proper preventative care for credit, I wrote a pamphlet in 2008 to walk my clients through creating a knowledge base they could rely on.

This pamphlet became an ebook, and the ebook became a paperback book!

As of July 2016, I am an 8X bestseller with personal development, finance and children’s books to my credit. You can read more about my story and what motivates me to succeed by picking up my latest book, Breaking Free: Transform Your Business & Shift Your Family’s Life Into Abundance.

Every person learns about credit largely through trial and error, and I have used my expertise as a Credit Specialist to create books that detail the fundamental knowledge base necessary to build, restore and upgrade personal credit to excellent credit.

Better Than Credit Repair became a #1 best-seller in 5 categories on Amazon and Credit Mastery Handbook broke the top 100 in three categories, showing that there is a tremendous need for a knowledge base about credit you can rely on without having to experience credit hardship.

I want to help you find the resources you need to create goals and a purpose for your credit to strengthen your ability to live the life you want to live.

By the way, I started my own social movement called #Challenges2Champions about how people just like you have overcome challenges in their lives to become champions in their own rite. You can hashtag your story on Facebook by using #Challenges2Champions to talk about your story.

I am doing everything I can to attract my perfect life and in that process I am documenting the mini-manifestations that keep me in the flow of the Law of Attraction. You can read about it on my Mini-Manifesting Facebook Group and even post your own mini-manifestations too. I would love to hear what you’re doing to stay in those positive vibrations.

Success Starts HERE!

Tamara Rasheed


  1. Hi Tamara,

    Congratulations on your book, best seller in 5 different categories on amazon is an amazing accomplishment!

    To be honest it all sounds very interesting to me. I’ve always lived by the principal of only spending what you have for consumer products so I’ve never known much about credit. I’ll be bookmarking your site to get more knowledge in the matter :)

    All the best of luck to you!



    • Hi Maarten,

      Thank you! I think many of us have grown up with the principle of spending what you have. Many of us have also grown up with principles about allowing what you have to multiply and benefit you. Plant seeds and let them grow into exponential ways to help you succeed. If you can do the same things you’ve been doing, but apply them to a source that will help you protect what you have, then you’re winning in a way that may create a legacy for you and your generations to come.

  2. Hi Tamara. I will definitely check out your e-book. I’ve always been pretty good with my credit but it’s always good to brush up on the topic so that I can always keep it that way.

    I hope that you continue to find success as a credit specialist because I know of a lot of people who have debit problems and it’s thanks to people like you that can offer them hope that can turn their lives around.

    • Thank you for your positivity and encouragement, Eric. I am sure you will find some gems in Better Than Credit Repair. My book is now a paperback on Amazon and became a best-seller this year! You can get your own copy by going to Amazon :) Be sure to leave me a review on Amazon once you read it.

  3. Hey Tamara I will for sure head over to Amazon right now to look at you e-book, I am extremely interested as to what it may entail. Your a best seller so you must be very intelligent and knowledgable about credit mastery. I wonder how long it took you to become an expert in your field and if you truly love what you do. I find best selling authors to be inspirations! Well done

    • Hello Jose,

      My passion for credit development came from having my identity stolen as a minor and the journey I took to learn about what the purpose of credit actually is and how to use it to improve my life. I wasn’t able to reach financial goals, when I got married I felt financially worthless, and I was robbed of a whole area of my life that could have helped my family and I to live a better quality of life. I do truly love what I do – it is a very important part of my life and the lives that I have helped to change. Not only do I help people to develop their credit toward specific goals, I also help people to start their own credit consulting businesses. If you want to learn more about how I feel about credit and other services I provide, you can visit me at Thank you both for reading my page and for taking the time to comment.


  4. Hello Tamera,
    I am interested in obtaining your book. I was a victim of identity theft.
    Also, I wish to obtain your advice of the AFV process that you used to help out your brother with his debts.
    I have tried it, but it didn’t work for me.
    Does the AFV process still work, or am I doing it the wrong way? My email is:
    Thank you for your time.


    • Hello William,

      Unfortunately the A4V process didn’t work for my brother to wipe out his student loans. It took for about 30 days but was then reversed. I have posted many updates to the A4V process and why Acceptance for Value does not work, but I think people in the community are purposefully deleting the actual results to keep the hope of A4V alive. It hasn’t worked in many years. Processes are no longer paper, they’re electronic and without knowing how to make the electronic processes work, A4V has not been successful in my experience.

      What are your goals financially? What would you like to see your life like? I can help you create actionable goals around what you really want your life to be like and either give you resources or coach you into achieving them.


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