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Build Your Credit

Why should I build credit?

You pay for everything in cash, you don’t want to acquire any debt, and you definitely don’t want to make the same mistakes you’ve seen others make.

So why should you build credit?

The short answer to this question is access.

You want access to money without having to sacrifice time.

When you save money, it has to build over time in order for it to accumulate.

When you work for money, you have to trade hours for dollars in the hope that you trade enough hours to equal a large sum of money.

So why do you want access?

Because you want more.

More what?

You want more peace of mind, more security, more streams of income, more options, more opportunity to live comfortably, more quality of life…


I was paying my phone bill and I was having a conversation with the gentleman who was settling my payment for me.

He mentioned that he needed to get a loan to get his landscaping business off of the ground.

He said he had no credit and had not seen any reason to get any credit until he decided to do more than have a job.

He didn’t see himself at MetroPCS for the rest of his life.

He wanted purpose.

I asked him, “Why wasn’t credit important to you before? Now you need it and you don’t have it.”

He said, “I just wasn’t interested in getting into debt.”

Good Debt or Bad Debt

Good Debt Vs. Bad Debt -

When it comes to building credit, everything you don’t know can hurt you.

The common person who has no credit knowledge other than getting lots of cash fast by signing an application should not get credit.

If you don’t have a solid purpose for your credit and a strategy to accomplish it you will have bad credit debt and it can ruin your life.

I talk to hundreds of people each year who do not have a clear idea of what credit should be used for.

These individuals have used it as additional income, racking up thousands, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

But what if you can get all the money you need and the money pays its own debt back?

When you take out a loan or get a credit line and you have to shell out money that you make from your job to support it because it isn’t improving your quality of life, it is bad debt.

You should never go into debt without the debt paying itself and you.

This is Good Debt.

Good debt is a strategy converting your loan or line of credit into collateral toward the purchase of investments that create tremendous, perpetual profit for you.

Good debt is the difference between achieving your dreams and dreaming about achievement.

Have you ever heard of good debt? What are your thoughts about acquiring bad debt and are you looking for a strategy to protect yourself against it?


  1. This post is very interesting. I’ve heard of so called good debt and I am curious to know of investments that would deliver the tremendous, perpetual profits you refer to. I’m also curious as to how this leads to credit approval. I like that you encourage borrowing to open doors to opportunities that are otherwise unavailable. Thanks for the information.

    • Hello Stephanie,
      Thank you for your comment. Your curiosity is valid! It is natural for us to be skeptical and curious when we hear new things, and the more you research the more curious and the more skeptical you become! I was just like you when I started my credit journey.

      First, good debts begin with habits and not products. You can have bad habits managing potentially great products, but that will turn those great products into bad debt. This is why all credit products can potentially have bad reputations for being bad debt. What you want to focus on is maintaining good habits and as you get skilled at maintaining good habits, you will create the good debts you are looking for.

      Second, with that being said, an investment that will deliver tremendous, perpetual profits, as an example is real estate. Real estate is the only investment you can make that has huge cash flow returns right away. There are even real estate investments you can make that don’t require you to use any of your own cash or credit to get it started. One of these deals per year could be the difference between needing a part time job and having the time freedom you want. That is just one example!

      I hope this response was helpful!


  2. It’s a great article very detailed and easy to read. I think the best way to be succesfull with articles and posts is to write them simple as you can. And another thing bulk article content is realy hard to get through if your searching the quick answer. the best way to avoid the mass content is adding images. All GREAT IDEAS IS SIMPLE

    • Thank you for the comment, compliment and the feedback, Roberts. I truly appreciate it. I will keep piling on the content and work to find some excellent images to accentuate the content. Have a great day :)

  3. Thank you for your article. It was incredibly valuable and interesting, it is really well structured and is not daunting to us readers. I usually get creeped out about the amount of information with this subject but its been a real help to me and i will take into account a lot of what you have said
    Thank you

    • Thank you for posting, Matthew. I am glad that the content is interesting and relevant to your situation and isn’t overwhelming. I want to make credit digestible and accessible, and I feel that it just isn’t typically easy to manage and understand it’s potential. Good luck with your endeavors.


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