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Credit Development

Credit doesn’t break

Most of us begin learning about credit after it has already been misused.

We get our first credit card and use it until there is nothing left.

With no job and no way to care for it.

Our relatives badly misuse their credit.

Then use our credit to finance a new life.

Leaving us with nothing left but debt and no way to recover it.

Our identities are stolen by strangers.

The swiftness they use to misuse our credit is better managed than our ability to protect it.

But, there is good news.

The ability to start again is still available.

Credit doesn’t become broken and in need of repair.

It starts out as undeveloped, and until we do things to develop it, it continues to be undeveloped until we give it purpose.

My father had a heart attack in 1999.

You use preventative care to fight heart disease, and credit is the heart of your finances. Preventative care for your credit is available too.

You use preventative care to fight heart disease, and credit is the heart of your finances. Preventative care for your credit is available too.

His health was bad from eating foods high in salt and cholesterol.

In order to improve his health, his doctor prescribed medication to break up the cholesterol in his arteries and he had to have a quadruple bypass heart surgery.

Pieces of his arteries were removed from his thighs and were used to replace the arteries that were too badly damaged to function well.

Drastic measures had to be taken in order to help him recover from the damage he had inflicted upon himself.

His diet had to change.

His lifestyle had to change.

He could no longer depend on his bad habits with food.

He had to use a new level of care to achieve a better quality of life.

Your credit is like your health.

Your heart isn’t broken after you have a heart attack.

You don’t use quick-fix methods to repair your heart when it fails.

You change your habits and learn new ways to achieve a better quality of life.

Credit is the same way.

Once you have misused your credit, it is time to create a new healthy lifestyle so that you can prevent future mistakes.

Credit has to be intelligently managed in order to develop it toward particular goals.

It isn’t something that breaks down and needs new parts.

It is something that is mismanaged until you learn better ways to manage it.

Development of credit is like preventative care for your health.

There are changes you must make with your lifestyle for your heart health so that you can prevent heart attacks in the future.

There are also changes you must make with your lifestyle for your credit health so that you can prevent bad credit in the future.

The development of credit is the gateway to a healthy lifestyle for your credit

Name one new thing you learned about your credit as a result of comparing it to your heart. What can you do to begin developing your credit today?



  1. Hello Tamara,
    I really like your analogy comparing credit health to heart health. I helps shed light on a new way of looking at one’s credit. Credit is so badly misunderstood and misused today because of a lack of education regarding it. They just don’t teach this stuff in schools so where is one to learn it? The school of hard knock is not a very good learning environment. I think you have hit upon a topic that is sorely needed by many.

    • Hello Rick,
      Thank you for commenting! You’re right, the school of hard knocks is no place to learn about your credit, and yet this is where we get most of our financial education. Hopefully I can bridge the gap and help people discover a place where they can get a foundation for their credit knowledge that is reliable and easily accessible to everyone.


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