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Credit Karma Review

Name: Credit Karma

Price: Free


Score: 8/10

Who it is for: Credit Newbies – Intermediate Credit Knowledge

Tired of websites asking you for your credit card information in order to see your credit score? provides you with your credit reports and credit scores for free so that you can check and monitor what is going on with your credit.

What is is a website that provides free online access to two credit reports and their credit scores, credit offers tailored to an individual’s credit standing, and credit alerts to help individuals monitor credit activity to spot fraud.

The purpose of this website is to be a marketing hub for credit and insurance products to offer specific products to individuals based upon their credit standing. This affiliate marketing set-up for their website provides revenue to, allowing them to offer their credit reporting service for free.

Because of this affiliate marketing set-up, it is a website that displays one of the best types of survey options available to consumers who do not expect that they are actually being studied for what credit products they would be most likely to apply for.

How it works

Sign up on their website by creating a username and password. You are then given access to two credit reports, TransUnion and Equifax, your VantageScore credit scores and how these VantageScores rate you from very poor to excellent on a 300 – 850 scale.

You are given detailed information on why your credit scores are low and what factors are affecting your credit scores.

Each section of your credit report is clickable allowing you an even more detailed picture of what your credit reports are doing.

There are 7 menu options:

Overview – Provides a general overview of your credit report history for two bureaus and credit scores for each report.

Credit Factors – Factors that are impacting your credit scores. Each of these factors are clickable and provide more information on what you can do to raise your credit scores.

Credit Reports – A detailed, side-by-side comparison of what your credit reports are reporting. You also have the option to look at each credit report separately and get detailed information for each of your accounts that is reporting.

Recommendations – Based upon’s analysis of your credit reports, you will receive product recommendations for more credit cards to apply for, credit repair agencies and even suggestions for filing personal bankruptcy.

Collections – Details of all collections reporting on both credit reports including open collections, closed collections, balance history and removed collections.

Track Spending – By entering your bank account information, you can track your spending across your financial institutions as well as creditors to determine where the most of your spending is going to.

Credit Score Simulator – By making adjustments to different factors affecting your credit scores, you will see simulated changes to your score depending upon simulated actions you take. For example, if you click on “make on time payments” your score may change if that is a factor that is actively affecting your credit scores.

There is a menu at the top of the site beginning with My Recommendations which provides information on products and services that you may be eligible for.


  • See two of your credit reports instantly.
  • Free to view your credit reports as frequently as you want to.
  • Gives an excellent birdseye view of your credit reporting activity.
  • Provides options for credit products that you can apply for without guessing your approvability (minimizing hard inquiries!).
  • Provides excellent information on monitoring your credit report activity as well as helping you to assess what your next moves should be for higher credit scores.
  • Markets products directly to you according to your credit scores. You will not have to guess at what credit cards will approve you according to your credit scores. However, this is also a con (see below).


  • Uses VantageScores instead of the FICO scores. No lenders or funders use VantageScores to approve you. This difference can cost you 30 – 40 points or more in differences between both types of scores. FICO scores tend to typically show a lower score than what your VantageScores show which could cost you approvability.
  • Does not include your Experian credit report or scores. Experian provides their credit reports with their actual FICO scores through
  • Markets products directly to you according to your credit scores. does not take your income into account when offering products, only your VantageScores. This is a problem because although your credit will approve you, your income may not allow you to sustain additional credit products, and the high interest rates you are charged will catch up to you if you cannot make payments on time.
  • Does not provide poor credit recommendations of not adding on new credit before maintaining the current credit accounts you already have. This is a con because adding more credit without seeing an improvement in credit behaviors will likely reduce your credit scores further.
  • Community support instead of qualified credit specialist support which can provide false or inaccurate information.
  • Overly product oriented.  From specified product recommendations, product reviews and instant connections to what you can be approved for right away, over-offers products and services for customers with bad credit. These products should be greatly limited instead of offered like a credit card mall depending on the credit score.


If you use for their credit monitoring and to help you keep track of your collections and high balances, then it is an incredible tool that you have access to at all times.

If you intend to use just to get approvals, then you could find yourself quickly overwhelmed by bad credit debt.

Using with a foundation of credit knowledge that is reliable to reach specific credit goals will ensure that you will obtain excellent credit for approvals whenever you need them.

Better Than Credit Repair: The Handbook of Credit Mastery is a best selling book on Amazon that provides you with step-by-step guides to build credit, recover from bad credit, and upgrade OK credit to excellent credit through the use of Credit Development.

You can get your own free, signed copy of Better Than Credit Repair: The Handbook of Credit Mastery for a limited time by visiting the Credit Mastery Website.

My Final Opinion offers a valuable credit monitoring service that is instantly accessible online and accessible as often as someone needs it.

Paired with a foundation of credit knowledge, you do not have to use your personal resources to maintain a membership to As long as you keep it updated with current information, it will serve you for years to come.

Final Rating; 


I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions about this review, or have your own review of, leave a comment below.

If you are interested in starting the approval process off with raising your credit scores for free, I invite you to take my free, four-part, Dispute Letter Mastery Course.

In this course, you will learn how to update your personal information, dispute information that has errors, and delete negative information in order to raise your credit scores 50 – 75 points in only 45 – 60 days. A boost like this can really make a difference in your interest rates, and it is all free.


  1. I’m looking forward to your upcoming review on Credit Karma

  2. Hello! I am an avid Credit Karma user, and I used to have great credit until I had two **PAID** medical bills go to collections. I paid it not once, but twice. And I was very young, so I didn’t keep track of receipts, but I am making my final payment to the collection agency NEXT MONTH! I am only fifty points away from good credit.

    With that being said, I LOVE Credit Karma’s monitoring. It gives me an **idea** of where my credit is, my collections accounts, and what I have for accumulated student loan debt. It offers recommendations for boosting my credit, and allows me to see what loans I could be eligible for, which I love having that option there, though I will likely never use it.

    I have had no complaints about Credit Karma. I would recommend them to nearly anyone looking to improve or monitor their credit, as they do offer some great suggestions. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Hi Brooke!
      It’s great to know that this review is reaching real users of It really is a great site and it does help lots of people. The monitoring is excellent, and especially for free. More people should definitely use their monitoring. It is also great to have options, but I would love to see more realistic warnings to the damage applying for more credit could cause if you don’t have the right habits in place.

      Thanks so much for your comment! It is greatly appreciated!

  3. hello TRasheed i was very impressed by your review on credit karma as well as your about me page ! i have many credit problems my self and reading about it on your site has given me a few pointers on where to start rebuilding my credit , I do not know if credit karma is good for me in Canada but I will definitely check it out … awesome site !!

    • Hello Jean!

      Thank you for replying from Canada! Your response encourage me to find credit solutions for Canadians too. Do you know of any websites for credit monitoring that Canadians use? While this website may or may not be specific to where you live, I am sure the principles of credit monitoring and investing in your habits can be used to your benefit. I will keep this in mind when I write my next few reviews.

  4. Hello there my name is John and this is my comment for your site. You know any of these sites I come across kind of interests me but your content and the way it is written has made me actually want to check my credit out maybe I will sign up for the program. I haven’t found any mistakes, your site is very easy to navigate and I like the bold plane look maybe a couple pictures could be added but other than that excellent work and good luck in the future

    • Hello John,

      Thank you for your honest feedback and comments on my website. I am happy that my articles have inspired you! I hope to hear from you in the future. :)


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