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DSI Credit Repair Review

Name: DSI Credit Repair, DSI Solutions, The Credit People


DSI Credit Repair and DSI Solutions no longer exist. They are now known as The Credit People.

They have a 7 day trial for $19.99 which also acts as their setup fee, a monthly service for $59/month and a flat rate service for 6 months for $299.

The Credit People website also says they offer a free credit consultation.



Who is it for:

Clients interested in disputing negative information on their credit reports can choose to use The Credit People to assist them with their disputes.

Website and Contact Information:

The Credit People can be contacted at or by calling 866-382-3410.

DSI Credit Repair and DSI Solutions no longer have working telephone numbers or websites.

How it works:

Clients sign up from their website or by calling the 866 telephone number.

According to the website in the About section, under the FAQs subcategory, a client has a choice as to whether they only want to work with one person or if three people will be sharing the work of disputing on a client’s negative information on a client’s credit reports.

The Credit People will pull a client’s credit scores and reports and populate a client’s online account with that information. This same account is updated when results are received from the disputing processes.

Credit reports with updated results will be mailed to the client from the credit bureaus and the client will need to update The Credit People with copies of those credit reports.


  • The Credit People, compared to DSI Credit Repair and DSI Solutions, have reviewed all of the areas that previous clients have complained about and have directly addressed those problems on the website.
  • The setup fee and monthly fee are very reasonable compared to most other credit repair companies. The cheapest I have seen at $19.99 setup fee and $59/month.
  • They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have directly addressed all complaints, issuing refunds and making sure consumers are satisfied with their service.
  • They have a money back guarantee that they have publicly upheld according to resolved complaints on the BBB.
  • They have no Rip-Off Report.
  • They have many testimonials, and say that they have worked with 100,000 clients according to their website. I am sure this appears to include previous clients from their two other companies.
  • According to my research, The Credit People have overcome the challenges they faced in their first two runs as DSI Credit Repair and DSI Solutions and have been around for 12 years if you include the establishment of the two former companies.
  • They have a secured website with major media outlets backing their success.


  • The negative history as DSI Solutions and DSI Credit Repair appears to be haunting them through other reviews.

With my typical research methods: searching for BBB and Rip-Off Report Reviews for ratings, reviewing their website and founding information as well as bios and FAQs, and doing a thorough search online for their websites, I found that their service seems to be sound and has overcome the previous problems.


The Credit People seem to have done a complete 180 degree turn around compared to their previous businesses, DSI Credit Repair and DSI Solutions. While their previous companies were not trustworthy and you could find many complaints and bad reviews for their previous companies, they seem to have addressed each of these problems, provided refunds to clients and have addressed complaints for each client who was seeking a solution to questions or problems they had.

Their ability to bounce back from challenges in their company as well as address the concerns of the public allows me to recommend their company as a viable source for credit repair services. This shows integrity in their company and their ability to pull through.

Final Score



If you are interested in starting the approval process off by raising your credit scores for free, I invite you to take my free, four-part, Dispute Letter Mastery Course.

In this course, you will learn how to update your personal information, dispute information that has errors, and delete negative information in order to raise your credit scores 50 – 75 points in only 45 – 60 days. A boost like this can really make a difference in your interest rates, and it is all free.


  1. Hello Tamara
    I like your site, filled with very clear and concise information.
    I’m afraid I wont be taking you up on any of your advice though as I don’t owe anyone one penny.
    You might be surprised at that and so was a bank manager when I went to open an account some time ago.
    After the initial form filling I was called into the managers office and right away he was across the floor to shake my hand.
    He said this is truly amazing for me as a bank manager to meet someone who doesn’t owe anyone anything, how do you do it?
    My reply was quite simply – “If I can’t afford something then I do without it and if its something I need I save up until I can afford it”.
    However Tamara I do realize that I am unique and probably one of a kind and there are countless people in the world who do get themselves into a terrible mess with debt of one kind or another and sometimes its not of their own making.
    I must say for the past 14 years you have been doing a really good job of at least trying to get people back on track.
    You are also a best selling author as well which I’m sure you rightfully deserve to be.
    I wish you lots and lots of success in your future endeavours.
    Have a great day.
    Robert Allan

    • Hello Robert,

      Thank you for your candid comment. Every person has different goals. Ideally, any debt you acquire is paying itself off and paying you as well and not becoming a liability by taking money away from you. My purpose is to rescue people from what they didn’t know before, provide a reliable foundation to create goals upon, and to give individuals a gateway for a better quality of life than what they currently have. Since it is a very scarce reality that you don’t owe anyone anything (no mortgage, no car payment, no credit card or student loan, no money borrowed from family or friends, the list can go on and on), I work with people who have the most common reality. A better quality of life is usually what people seek when using personal credit.

      While you, Robert, do not go into debt financially, you use your reputation or your good name as “credit” to get ahead in life. You are doing the same thing that others who choose to use credit are doing. Your reputation is your first line of credit, and yours says that you don’t take out debts because you don’t want to owe anyone. That is absolutely your right. I work with credit with the hope that I can create exponential growth in someone’s life by giving them access to things they don’t have without credit. If you have everything you want without credit, then you are truly blessed. Thank you for visiting my website. :)


  2. My credit always functions weird it fluctuates up and down every month. Haha that’s why I’ve tried to cut back on my credit usage. Credit reports on the internet can tell you a lot about your income usage. I would say about 70% of the things that I spend money on are in the reports. However I do save a lot of money every month so I am not too worried when it drops because I know it’ll go back up if I bettee my spending habits.

    Good stuff!


    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for commenting. It sounds like you may be applying for credit frequently and your credit card usage is pretty high. Instead of applying for more credit, which drops your credit scores, and depending on credit cards for purchases, use your current credit cards in a predictable way to increase your credit scores. If your usage is high on your cards, switch to using the cash you have on hand and make one, small $10 purchase per month on your credit card for at least the next 3 – 4 months. Your usage will go down to 2% and you will be able to manage your spending better.

      I hope this helps!

      Tamara :)

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