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How To Be a Credit Failure

Credit Cards

Believe that credit cards are the same as credit in general. Use your credit cards for emergencies and spend up to the limit every time you use the card. Use your credit cards to fund vacations and other large purchases that spend up to the limit. Spend up to the limit on a regular basis with smaller purchases during the month.

Hold onto multiple credit cards without a strategy so that you can spend each card to the limit routinely.

Applying for Credit

Apply for department store charge cards just to save money on your current purchase. Get a new car loan directly from a dealership instead of financing your car loan through a bank with a personal loan. Apply for credit cards to get you out of a financial bind by applying when you don’t have an income or you’re short on money.

Apply for credit as often as you can without any goals. Apply for credit because you like the new look of the credit cards. Apply for credit because you can customize your own card. Apply for credit for people who don’t have credit because of it’s misuse.


Pay your bills based upon how many days you have in your grace period instead of preparing for the date your bills are due. Pay your bills based upon memory instead of writing down their due dates because you know generally when you have to pay them. Make only the minimum payments on your credit cards.

Let your due dates lapse because there are other things you need to pay for.


Pay for credit repair services without a basic knowledge of your own credit profile, and have no clue what process the credit repair specialist is using or their motives for providing that service. Pay $1,500 – $3,000 for a mystery solution to your credit issue.

File for bankruptcy with less than $100,000 of debt and no foreclosures and possibly one repossession if any.


Use fear to make financial decisions for you. Avoid credit at all costs because you are afraid of or “don’t like” debt. Learn about your credit by making mistakes first. Get your credit knowledge from other people who know very little if anything at all about credit. Keep your credit safe when you have good credit scores by avoiding use of your credit.

Avoid applying for new credit to keep your credit current because you’re afraid of your score dropping.

It works for everyone else, right?


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