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Lexington Law Firm Review

Name: Lexington Law Firm

Price: Pricing is for services already performed. There is a $99.95 initial work completed charge after 5 – 15 days which varies by state. A monthly subscription kicks in on more of a utility bill-type basis, after the initial payment. Current bill is for previously completed work. If you do not want to pay for future services, you have to cancel your subscription strategically on your billing date to prevent future charges. Concord Premier is $99.95 per month and Concord Standard is $79.95 per month. There is a charge per deletion as well which is not disclosed on their website.


Score: 6/10

Who it is for: Individuals who have numerous bad collections on their credit reports. Credit Newbies – Intermediate Credit Knowledge

If you do not have time to do credit report disputing yourself or believe you lack the expertise to conduct your own credit report disputes, Lexington Law Firm will issue disputes on your behalf to remove collections.

What is Lexington Law Firm?

Lexington Law Firm is the d/b/a of attorney John C. Heath, PLLC from Salt Lake City, Utah.  He established Lexington Law Firm in 1991 out of Salt Lake City and took the business online in 1995.

Since the establishment of this business, it has become a network of attorneys spanning 21 states.  Lexington Law Firm offers credit repair disputing services and offers limited legal services in a few states.

Lexington Law Firm, next to, is the most well known credit agency in America.

How it works

Call the phone number posted on their website for a free credit repair consultation and the consultant you speak with will view your credit reports and scores online or you can order your credit reports and send them in for Lexington Law’s consultants to review.

After 5 – 15 days, you will be charged an initial fee of $99.95 regardless of which of the two subscription services you prefer. After the 15 days, as work continues on disputing collections on your credit reports, you are charged per deletion as well as per month.

Dispute letters will be sent to you for your signature and you will need to send the letters back to their office so that they can send the letters to the collection agencies on your behalf.


  • Lexington Law’s dispute process receives results. The dispute letters will remove collections from your reports.
  • The dispute process is consistent and well monitored.
  • There is a community for asking questions and the facebook page has active responses.
  • Provides monitoring for your TransUnion credit report.
  • Uses actual consumer reporting act language in the disputes to ensure that the collection agencies will follow through.
  • You can lean on a credit consultant to do the disputing for you if you are uncomfortable with your own disputes.


  • Expensive versus others disputing agencies that provide similar services or work that you can do yourself. Your first month may cost you close to $200 with $99.95+ each month (including the cost of individual deletions).
  • The same deletion removed from three reports is considered three deletions and you will be charged for each deletion.
  • Must check letters for grammar and spelling mistakes before approving. Letter can also mistakenly be mailed to the wrong collection agency or the wrong letters can be sent for the wrong purpose causing frivolous dispute letters to be mailed to you.
  • Disputing has to look like it comes directly from you because collection agencies are not required to respond to third-party disputes.
  • You know very little of the techniques and process being used to dispute collections on your reports and cannot duplicate these efforts on your own.
  • The expenses cause many people to stop the process prematurely. Many clients are unable to comfortably afford the dispute process by Lexington Law and stop after the first one to three months.
  • They do not send you consistent reminders if they are waiting for you to return paperwork to them.

Some of the cons can outweigh the pros if you are not knowledgeable about the credit dispute process and have not had good communication with your credit consultant.  Their process is heavily reliant on your cooperation.


If you decide to use Lexington Law Firm for credit disputing, you should understand that they have to act on your behalf (become you) to execute the disputes.

Collection agencies are not obligated to respond to third party agencies which means that Lexington Law Firm’s efforts will not be recognized if the collection agencies suspect that the letters are being sent out by them. Lexington Law Firm can only mail letters out on your behalf and cannot conduct the actual dispute.

You will benefit best if you know what techniques are being used in their letters and can guide the process by delegating the actual dispute process to Lexington Law Firm.

How to guide the dispute process through delegation:

  • Educate yourself on the dispute process. Study different types of dispute letters and learn why they work to remove collections and other negative items from your credit reports. The more you know about the actual process, the easier it will be to advocate for yourself.
  • Learn how to avoid frivolous disputes. You will be able to catch discrepancies in letters or addresses if you are aware of how they work. When letters are sent to you, you can write on the letters to catch corrections or contact your credit consultant to discuss the errors.
  • Free up your time. By delegating this process, you free up your time and don’t have to worry about tracking the dispute yourself. Be aware that Lexington Law may not share with you the tracking they have put in place. Talk to them about how much you’re allowed to know.

If you’re interested in understand the dispute process better, I recommend picking up a copy of Better Than Credit Repair: The Handbook of Credit Mastery. Better Than Credit Repair is a best-selling book on Amazon that provides you with step-by-step guides to build credit, recover from bad credit, and upgrade OK credit to excellent credit through the use of Credit Development.

You can get your own free, signed copy of Better Than Credit Repair: The Handbook of Credit Mastery for a limited time by visiting the Credit Mastery Website.

Customer Experiences reports a rating of 2.4/5.0 from 64 ratings out of a total of 244 reviews. Most complaints come from difficulties getting out of their subscription membership and from their telemarketing and sales departments.

Forums generally have terrible reviews to provide about Lexington Law Firm’s customer service, sales tactics, and quality of work.

There appears to be a heavy miscommunication regarding cancelling their membership fees when you no longer want or need their service. Because of the utility bill-type payment system, you may be charged for services performed although you have cancelled your subscription due to it’s prorated nature.

Comments from former employees have suggested you fair better from doing the disputing yourself and getting advice from others who have done their own work as a better way to achieve results.

Overall, customers of Lexington Law have said that they do see deletions and they receive results, but the expense does not allow them to continue using the service.


My Final Opinion

Lexington Law Firm offers a service that in and of itself is valuable, credit report collection disputes.

It is possible to delegate the mailing and tracking of disputes to Lexington Law Firm credit consultants, however, you should not do this without knowing what techniques they are using. If there is a problem, you will want to understand why.

You should definitely know what they are doing and all costs involved before getting started with this service. If you have money to dedicate to a third party disputing service, you will get results, but all signs point to problems at the cancellation of the membership and the difficulty of disputes being low in the first place.

If you do this process on your own, it is a lot less expensive, but requires you to be consistent and to be organized with your paper trail. You can get the same results on your own if you are diligent. The credit consultants at Lexington Law are being paid to be consistent because it is their job, so you will have to find the motivation to achieve consistency with excellent credit being your payment.

Paired with a foundation of credit knowledge, a subscription with Lexington Law Firm can be a benefit, but is not necessary to achieve the same results.

Final Rating; 

Disputing: LEGIT
Membership Cancellation: NOT LEGIT 

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions about using Lexington Law Firm for credit repair disputes, or you want to leave your own review about Lexington Law Firm, leave a comment below.

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