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Review: Credit Services of Michigan

Name: Credit Services of Michigan


Credit Services of Michigan offers custom-tailored collections services and a business must call to get a quote.


Score: 9/10

Who it is for:

Businesses who are seeking to collect on delinquent debts can hire Credit Services of Michigan to help them in pre-collection as well as collection processes.

Consumers who receive debt collection notices from Credit Services of Michigan are assigned to a debt collector who they will speak with when contacting CSM for debt collection payments or any other matters.

What is Credit Services of Michigan?

Credit Services of Michigan, according to their website, provides “customer-tailored collections,” credit reporting and credit solution programs to organizations seeking to collect on delinquent debts.

How it works: 

There are two collection programs:

CSM Bullet Program – pre-collection, non-commission based program designed to inform customers of late

CSM Program – follow up to pre-collection or a service that stands on its own.

Credit Services of Michigan is designed to help businesses collect on delinquent debts. Consumers are asked if getting credit is something that they can handle based upon a simple budgeting worksheet, and they provide several methods of accepting payments for consumers who are paying down debts.

The website also offers a simple budgeting form to help customers determine if acquiring more credit is good for them, and provides several payment options to collect payments from consumers.


Credit Services of Michigan has several methods of contact and does not appear to have a bad reputation through the BBB. They have a B- on the Better Business Bureau’s website.


The Better Business Bureau has one closed complaint on file that says that Credit Services of Michigan did not respond to the complaint. The nature of the complaint is a customer seeking to pay a debt in return for the collection being removed from their credit reports. Credit Services of Michigan did not appear to be helpful for that one individual’s claim, but there are no other complaints.


While any person can contact a debt collection company to resolve their debt, it is beneficial to have information from the Fair Credit Reporting Act available in order to support being able to remove collections from your credit reports.

Also, it is important not to provide payment information to a collections company unless you have your agreement in writing. Do not make payments by phone unless you can receive email confirmation of the payment being made. Document with a paper trail every interaction you have with a debt collector in order to prove that you are making payments as agreed.

The collections company should agree to provide you with a payoff letter stating that the collection, upon payment in full based upon your agreement, is to be immediately removed from all three credit bureaus.

Creating a paper trail is the best way to protect your own interests in any transaction regarding your credit.


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  1. Hi, great website with useful financial information for those who have difficulties.

    The site is clearly laid out with lots of interesting content.

    It’s a real minefield out there with many big organisations such as payday lenders taking advantage of people. I’m sure your website will help to educate people on how to be more financially savvy.

    Best wishes,


    • Thank you Nik for your comment. My hope is to provide content that is not often seen or heard of in the same place and give consumers information that will help them achieve their goals with personal credit.

      Have a great weekend.

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